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the key to lawrence kindle coverWant to read World War 1 books? World War 1 fiction? World War 1 novels? Try Key to Lawrence.

Who is that sinister-looking stranger who keeps eying Miss Dora Benley on the Lusitania pier on May 1, 1915 near the beginning of the First World War? At dinner that night in the grand dining room he sends her a threatening note. He orders her to hand over her father’s birthday package. She carried it aboard, a gift from Sir Adolphus Ware, the car magnate her Robber Baron father is sailing to England to meet over a tire deal. If she doesn’t obey, the stranger threatens to blow up the ship. There’s nothing inside the package except an empty humidor! Dora had better figure out what’s going on, or the saboteur will send her to the bottom of the Irish Sea.

Key to Lawrence is World War 1 history on a grand scale. It’s also Book 1 of the Edward Ware Thriller Series.

KEY TO LAWRENCE is available from Amazon.


The Cargills docked at Southampton and explored the South of England in preparation for this thriller, Key to Lawrence. They also sailed the North Atlantic just like Dora Benley. But their transatlantic voyages were on the Queen Mary 2 instead of the Lusitania. They made use of the American Southwest where they live to depict the Syrian Desert that was home to Lawrence of Arabia. Visit their website at Read their blog. Linda also has a Facebook Fan Page at