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1934_plot_cover kindleDora gazed up at him sadly. This was the man she waited nineteen years to marry, for whom she forsook her first husband, for whom she once sailed to Europe after the Great War to go to the Paris Peace Conference, for whom she would still do anything or go anywhere. Just brushing against his arm as she was doing now made her feel an inseparable closeness. It reminded her of what last night in bed could have been like if it wasn’t for the blood on his hand. But the problem was there was always blood on his hand or a ghoul behind a bush when it came to Colonel Sir Edward Ware.

1934 Plot is Book 2 of the Edward Ware Thriller Series.

1934 PLOT is available from Amazon.


The Cargills docked at Southampton and explored the South of England in preparation for this thriller, the second in the Edward Ware Thriller Series, 1934 Plot. They also sailed the North Atlantic just like Dora Benley. But their transatlantic voyages were on the Queen Mary 2. They made use of the American Southwest where they live to depict Gezira Island, Cairo, and Egypt. Visit their website at Read their blog. Linda also has a Facebook Fan Page at lindacargillauthor.

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