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“CSI meets The Exorcist.” “In the sleepy college town of Cumberton, Md., an old cemetery must be moved to make room for a new dormitory, and an ungodly Light, buried for centuries, escapes. A rash of student suicides rocks the town,” Pace’s Web site states. “Sheriff Estin Booker teams up with Baltimore homicide detective Anna Tucci to investigate the deaths. What neither expects is to have all roads point to a 2000-year-old legend which, if true, could lead to the destruction of mankind. With the clock ticking, and an impossible burden placed upon their shoulders, they must defeat their own long-hidden demons or Satan himself will claim the ultimate victory.”

DEAD LIGHT is available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


“Pace crafts compelling characters in service to a thrilling plot with narrative riches …”

Kirkus Review

“Fast-paced … tense … exciting good and evil horror-thriller.” Midwest Review


Mike Pace is a former federal prosecutor who lives near Annapolis, Maryland.