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Boston,1974: before Eddie Perlmutter was the Boca Knight, he was a Boston cop, short in stature but long on courage and conviction. In Eddie the Kid he comes up against a mysterious assassin and some not-so-mysterious thuggery. Mobsters are dropping like flies, and Boston seethes with racial tension as the bussing of school children begins. It will require all his police training, toughness and detection skills to keep the city from boiling over in violence, and to find the gunman before he kills again.

EDDIE THE KID is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


Originally from Boston Steve Forman has been wintering in Boca Raton since 1992. After 45 successful years in international business he wrote his first novel, Boca Knights, published in 2009 by Tom Doherty Associates. The sequel, Boca Mournings, was released in 2010, his first e-book, Eddie the Kid, was published November 22, 2011 and Boca Daze will be published in January 2012.

Steve is a graduate of UMass, class of ’63. He is married to Barbara Forman and is father of two children and five grandchildren.