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by Mary Kennedy

Recently, I sat down with Caridad Pineiro, New York Times best-selling author of STRONGER THAN SIN.

I loved SINS OF THE FLESH and I see that you’ve brought back Dr. Liliana Carrera in the follow-up book, STRONGER THAN SIN. Did you always plan to write a book about this character?

I knew I was going to write a follow-up, but wasn’t sure who would be the hero in the next book. As the story developed, I fell in love with Liliana and realized she needed to have her own story. She was smart and courageous.

I know that setting is very important to you, the Pine Barrens of New Jersey, Bradley Beach, Ocean Grove and of course, Philadelphia. I think your readers would like to know why you chose these particular locations.

I went to school near Philadelphia and have always loved that city. It’s a great town for walking around and of course, for history. The Pine Barrens are a unique place and perfect for the scarier scenes in the book. As for Bradley Beach, Ocean Grove and the other towns along the Jersey Shore, I have come to love this area because each town is unique and because the ocean calls to me. I have my most creative times while I am down the shore.

Both Mick Carrera (SINS OF THE FLESH) and Jesse Bradford (STRONGER THAN SIN) are alpha males. And Caterina Shaw in SINS OF THE FLESH is “more than human,” since she has some non-human genes. What are the challenges in creating these “larger than life” characters?

Readers seem to really respond to them. Readers have responded really well to Mick and Caterina and I know they will love Jesse also since he is such a unique character. I think they key to these “more than human” characters is to make sure that they have hearts that are even greater.

People will be surprised to know you’re a partner in a Manhattan law firm specializing in intellectual property. What is your day like?

Hectic. I get to the office early so that I can be home on time to have dinner with my family. I write on the train ride in and home and lately, I’ve been working at night because of deadlines. I don’t normally do that because it’s too tiring. On the weekends I put in 3 to 4 hours each day on the writing.

What’s new on the horizon, more books in this Sins series?

I’m excited to say that the series expands into the SIN HUNTER series next year. We’re introducing a race of energy gatherers who come down the shore to try and find a missing child who is the possible saviour of their race. The energy gatherers – the Hunters – have their own internal struggles going on and will involve another Carrera in their conflict. The Carrera is Bobbie, a wounded Iraq veteran who wants nothing more than to find peace in her life.

Where can readers catch up with you, conferences, book signings?

Readers can find out more about me at That’s where I post info on upcoming events and signings. I’ll be doing a blog tour in November and will also have a contest starting on November 1 where readers have a chance to win a Sony E-reader in addition to other goodies.

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