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Blond Run is the debut book in Jim Michael Hansen’s new series featuring San Francisco homicide detective Trane Ravenwood.

While frantically hunting for an elusive killer who is poised to take the next victim by the end of the week, San Francisco homicide detective Trane Ravenwood witnesses an unrelated murder from a place he shouldn’t be. Almost immediately, he is pulled into the edgy world of Trance St. Croix, a beautiful attorney who is too mysterious to trust and too hypnotic to resist.

“I love the way this man writes! I adore his style. There is something about it that makes me feel as if I’m someplace I’m not suppose to be, seeing things I’m not supposed to see and that is so delicious. He had me on the edge of my seat, chuckling when I least expected it and rooting for every single character. Lots of good stuff in Blond Run.” –Rebecca Forster USA Today Bestselling Author

Jim Michael Hansen is an attorney and novelist.