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The Big Thrill Recommends: THE PARIS VENDETTA by Shan Serafin

Recommended by Millie Naylor Hast

Book Cover: THE PARIS VENDETTAFilm director and screenwriter Shan Serafin focuses his cinematic vision on the grimy underbellies of Paris and Amsterdam in his new novel, THE PARIS VENDETTA. Serafin, who previously authored standalones Seventeen and Three Women Disappear (in collaboration with James Patterson), gives us a breathless ride we can’t put down. The big question is, can investment banker Adam Macias close the deal of his career with a Greek billionaire while clearing himself of charges in a fiery attack on his boss, to which he may have inadvertently contributed?

Police are everywhere, and they’re searching for Adam after he gives a mysterious young woman key card access to a hotel elevator near where the attack would later occur. It seemed innocent enough at the time, but little did Adam know the woman, Katarina, would be involved in the attack. He’s a suspect, he’s fired, he’s out on the street, and he’s desperate to prove his innocence.

You’ll find yourself looking up street names in Paris and following Adam’s pell-mell race through the city as he attempts to contact his best friend Jenn, who could give him an alibi but suddenly ignores his calls, chases down the mysterious Katarina, and tries to assist his billionaire friend Nikos. You’ll find yourself pulling for Adam every step of the way. Will he make it? There’s only one way to find out.


The Big Thrill Recommends: THE PARIS VENDETTA by Shan Serafin

Millie Naylor Hast