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The Big Thrill Recommends: PEG AND ROSE PLAY THE PONIES by Laurien Berenson

Recommended by Susan Santangelo

Book Cover: PEG AND ROSE PLAY THE PONIESOpinionated and bossy Peg Turnbull and her sister-in-law, Rose Donovan—formerly Sister Anne Marie of the Order of Divine Mercy—are polar opposites and never got along. But now that Peg is a widow and Rose has moved back to Connecticut, they’re making an effort to become more tolerant of each other’s differences. To hear Peg tell it, this was all her idea. Rose just rolls her eyes and doesn’t disagree.

The two women do have one thing in common besides their family connection – they’re good at working together to solve murders. Please understand, the two senior citizens don’t go out of their way to look for suspicious deaths. It’s just that since Peg and Rose began making a sincere effort to find interests to share, dead bodies have started popping up in their lives with alarming frequency.

Case in point is when animal lover Peg, always looking for ways to broaden her sister-in-law’s horizons, invites animal-phobic Rose on her trip to Kentucky, where she’s selling a Thoroughbred yearling (one-year-old horse). Two days later, Rose finds herself in Peg’s car along with Hope, Peg’s favorite poodle, on her way to Kentucky, wondering how the heck she got there.

After an uneventful (no dead bodies found) drive to Kentucky, the two women visit Six Oaks Farm, a full-service Thoroughbred facility where Peg’s yearling is being trained. Lucia Alvarez is assigned to show them around. Peg and Rose realize that Lucia’s boss, Jim Grable, has serious anger issues from the horrible way he treats Lucia right in front of them.

When Jim is found murdered, and Lucia becomes the top suspect, she begs Peg and Rose for help. As the two women nose around, they soon discover the Six Oaks farm staff has many secrets, and no one is mourning Jim’s death. Is one of them the real murderer?

PEG AND ROSE PLAY THE PONIES is a fun read with a fast-moving plot and a slam-bang ending that cozy readers will love. I did.


The Big Thrill Recommends: PEG AND ROSE PLAY THE PONIES by Laurien Berenson

Susan Santangelo