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The Big Thrill Recommends: A LOVELY LIE by Jaime Lynn Hendricks

Recommended by Susana Kuehne

Book Cover: A LOVELY LIEFor readers craving a story with explosive twists and the type of characters you’ll instantly recognize from your own high school, A LOVELY LIE by Jaime Lynn Hendricks hits the target precisely. In this novel, where the only thing better than the writing is the protagonist’s sarcastic humor, Hendricks entangles her audience in a quick-paced plot about true love, damning secrets, and of course…murder.

Enter on the scene: Vince, the football player. Chris, Vince’s less-popular football buddy. Pepper, head cheerleader. And Scarlett, her less-sparkling friend (shadow). Fast forward to adulthood—wedding vows, kids’ swim meets, and everything in between. It’s years after they’ve graduated, all leading somewhat intertwined lives, except for the “it” girl, Pepper. No one has heard from the girl with jaw-dropping beauty since she fled from Florida to New York to chase stardom. Life goes on.

Then, when a mini-Pepper comes around asking questions about her mother, Scarlett is haunted by her bestie’s voice from the past instructing: Don’t tell anyone. Ever.

A LOVELY LIE starts out as an entertaining account of high school kids up to no good, stuck in the same town as adults. However, as the author begins to peel back layers of the complex relationships, the psychological thriller puts into question whether the bonds between people are made stronger or weaker when the truth comes into play. And when a domino effect is put into motion, what are the dangers of trying to stop it more than a decade later?


The Big Thrill Recommends: A LOVELY LIE by Jaime Lynn Hendricks