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The Big Thrill Discusses BEYOND REVENGE with Dan Petrosini

Book Cover: BEYOND REVENGESave a child, lose yourself.

A lone figure stands guard against the forces preying on the innocent. Meet Beck, a silent guardian whose creative schemes right the wrongs slipping through the cracks of justice.

Beck receives a tip about a baby girl stripped from her loving parents by a corrupt social services system. The echoes of his tragic past – his mother’s murder and his harrowing experiences in foster care – resurface, igniting a fire of rage within him.

He uncovers a sinister web.

Beck has sworn off bloodshed but the sheer number of children at risk pushes him to the brink. He must tread carefully, or the darkness will consume him.

USA Today and Amazon best-selling author Dan Petrosini recently sat down with The Big Thrill to discuss his latest crime fiction, BEYOND REVENGE – BOOK 2 – ART OF PAYBACK THRILLER.

Author Photo: Dan Petrosini

Dan Petrosini

When you first created your protagonist for this book, did you see an empty space in crime lit that you wanted to fill? What can you share about the inspiration for that character?

Absolutely, vigilantism has been done countless times but using the formula of you kill my wife, I’ll kill yours and maybe a kid as well. I wanted to explore other avenues.

Can you pinpoint a moment or incident that sparked the idea for this book?

Always been fascinated with revenge and the pursuit of it. But wanted to explore a different non-violent way to obtain it.

A novel is such a major undertaking; there’s the writing of it, of course, then you’re spending months and months revising, polishing, and then promoting it. How did you know this was the book you wanted to spend the next couple of years on?

I don’t ‘want’ to write, I ‘have’ to explore the ideas in my head.

In addition to a great read, what do you hope readers will take away from this story?

To pause before allowing revenge to consume you. ‘Don’t let someone live rent free in your head’

What can you share about what you’re working on next?

I have a long mystery series (15 novels & 2 prequels) and had ‘ended it. But am using same character is a new series and direction.


Dan is a USA Today and Amazon best-selling author who wrote his first story at the age of ten and enjoys telling a story or joke.

Dan gets his story ideas by exploring the question; What if?

In almost every situation he finds himself in, Dan explores what if this or that happened? What if this person died or did something unusual or illegal?

Dan’s non-stop mind spin provides him with plenty of material to weave into interesting stories.

A fan of books and films that have twists and are difficult to predict, Dan crafts his stories to prevent readers from guessing correctly. He writes every day, forcing the words out when necessary and has written over twenty-five novels to date.

It’s not a matter of wanting to write, Dan simply has to.

Dan passionately believes people can realize their dreams if they focus and act, and he encourages just that.

His favorite saying is – “The price of discipline is always less than the cost of regret”.

Dan reminds people to get the negativity out of their lives. He believes it is contagious and advises people to steer clear of negative people. He knows having a true, positive mind set makes it feel like life is rigged in your favor. When he gets off base, he tells himself, ‘You can’t have a good day with a bad attitude.’

Married with two daughters and a needy Maltese, Dan lives in Southwest Florida. A New York native, Dan has taught at local colleges, writes novels, and plays tenor saxophone in several jazz bands. He also drinks way too much wine and never, ever takes himself too seriously.

He puts out a twice-a-month newsletter featuring articles, his writing and special deals and steals.

To learn more about the author, please visit his website.