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The Big Thrill Recommends: SOMEONE SAW SOMETHING by Rick Mofina

Recommended by Jonathan Davidson

Book Cover: Someone Saw SomethingA phone call from the police that is every parent’s worst nightmare: “Your son, Gabriel, appears to have gotten separated from his sister in the park…”

Gabriel’s mother, Corina Corado—a TV news anchor at a major New York City network—feels like her heart has been ripped from her chest. Her husband, Robert, is in anguish. And then there’s 16-year-old Charlotte, Gabriel’s sister, who was texting her boyfriend when Gabriel slipped from her sight.

The police respond with vast resources, and hundreds of volunteers scour the city. But there’s no sign of Gabriel and no ransom demands. Nothing.

Conspiracy theorists, who have already threatened Corina and her family for the way she covers news stories, fill the void. They label her “The Queen of Lies” and threaten her with the warning, “You lie, you die.” Then, alternative news outlets latch on and magnify the conspiracies tenfold, making the family’s life even more hellish.

Corina has reported on many kidnapping cases and knows the odds of finding children alive plummet each day. As the days tick by, Corina and Robert do everything they can to find him, but Corina soon discovers that she can’t fully trust anyone—even those closest to her. To save her son, Corina must ignore the advice of the police, take matters into her own hands, and follow her instincts.

SOMEONE SAW SOMETHING starts as a simple kidnapping story, but bestselling author Rick Mofina grows it into something far more complex and sinister. Mofina understands that a great story expands to encompass universal themes while also diving deep into individual and family dynamics, which are the richest sources of drama. Using his background as a journalist, he writes with authority about the terrifying realities facing anchors in today’s conspiracy-choked society and the way those in power prey on women in the industry. Mofina also mines the inner worlds of his characters and their interpersonal relationships, which bend and crack under the extreme pressures of kidnapping and public scrutiny.

What happens when suffering is combined with misinformation and fueled by unscrupulous media? The answers will keep you riveted to the page until the end of this thrilling story.


The Big Thrill Recommends: SOMEONE SAW SOMETHING by Rick Mofina

jonathan davidson