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The Big Thrill Recommends: NEVER FALL AGAIN by Lynn H. Blackburn

Recommendation by Tracey Devlyn

Book Cover Image: NEVER FALL AGAINIn award-winning author Lynn H. Blackburn’s newest inspirational romantic suspense, NEVER FALL AGAIN, a mother finds a safe place to settle down and hires the town’s best contractor to build a forever home for her five-year-old daughter.

After abruptly fleeing her Arizona home three years ago, Landry Hutton decides it’s time to establish permanent roots in Gossamer Falls, North Carolina. Surrounded by true friends and blessed with a thriving business, Landry purchases a small plot of land near a river, where her five-year-old daughter can run and explore.

No sooner does Landry hire the town’s local hero, Cal Shaw to build their home, when she receives word that the gift shop displaying the bulk of her high-end pottery burned to the ground. When an ominous note is found on-site, Landry wonders if a specter from her past has finally found her.

Cal Shaw is no stranger to pain and loss as a military veteran. But nothing he experienced while serving his country could have prepared him for the devastation of losing the woman he loved and her two boys, who were like sons to him.

He’s determined to keep Landry and her precocious daughter at arm’s length. But the threat of danger hovering around them triggers his protective instincts. He activates his large network of family and friends to help watch over the Hutton ladies, who are quickly squirreling their way into his heart.

Cal soon finds out that no amount of Marine determination can withstand the draw of true love or a little girl’s hugs.

Blackburn found the perfect balance of faith, suspense, romance, and family dynamic in NEVER FALL AGAIN. The harrowing climatic scene—all I’m going to say is, thank goodness for dogs with good sniffers—is worth the price of admission.

Recommended reading accessories: A ceramic mug brimming with your favorite hot beverage, a trusted companion at your side, and a child’s happy squeals in the background.


NEVER FALL AGAIN by Lynn H. Blackburn

Tracey Devlyn