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The Big Thrill Recommends: ONE LAST SHOT by Susan May Warren

Recommendation by Daniel Charles Ross

Cover Image: One Last ShotThis is my first exposure to the work of Susan May Warren, and to be honest, I didn’t know if I was going to like ONE LAST SHOT, her kick-off to the new Alaska Air One Rescue series. If there is such a category as a “cozy thriller,” ONE LAST SHOT fits that bill. The new series joins her other faith-based rescue series, Global Search & Rescue and Montana Rescue.

My usual diet of Andrews and Wilson, Jack Carr, Steve Stratton, Brad Taylor, and others typically involves action stories with more dynamic qualities—lots of fighting, shooting, and the inevitable chain of explosions. Ms. Warren’s newest work shows that there are other ways to consider an action story, especially when the characters’ journeys are as much of self-discovery as anything else.

ONE LAST SHOT involves the perfectly named Oaken Fox, a fading country music star whose management thinks putting him on a rescue helo for a popular reality show might revive his flagging career, an attention-grabbing premise. But when Alaska Air One Rescue EMT Boo Kingston is mobilized to locate and recover five women on a bachelorette weekend gone sideways, she wishes she had a trained battle buddy and not this mope of a wanna-be reality star. But there’s romantic tension between Boo and Oak—and a blizzard is inbound. Can the rescue crew prevail before a blizzard becomes a blizzaster?


ONE LAST SHOT by Susan May Warren

Daniel Charles Ross