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The Big Thrill Recommends: ILL-FATED FORTUNE by Jennifer J. Chow

Recommendation by Ellen Quint

Book Cover Image: Ill-Fated FortuneJennifer J. Chow, who brought readers the L.A. Night Market Mystery series—nominated for Aga-tha, Anthony, and Lefty Awards—launches a new series, The Magical Fortune Cookie Mysteries. The first installment, ILL-FATED FORTUNE, introduces Felicity Jin, a third-generation Chinese-American who works with her mother in Gold Bakery in the small town of Pixie, California, out-side of Fresno.

Set against the backdrop of an extraordinary bakery and a family endowed with unique abilities, the narrative unfolds as Felicity discovers her own special gift—foretelling fortunes embedded in her meticulously crafted fortune cookies. However, the magic takes a dark turn when one of the initial recipients faces a grim destiny, according to Felicity’s prediction, thrusting her into the spotlight as a possible perpetrator. Felicity is plunged into the role of amateur sleuth to clear her name and the reputation of her fortune cookies.

True to the cozy genre, the setting itself—the charming town of Pixie—plays an important role. Supporting characters each have their own stores in the center of town. Kelvin, a florist and owner of Love Blooms, is Felicity’s best friend and sidekick, a partner in investigating, and her occasional rescuer. Felicity’s godmother, Alma Paz, candle maker and proprietor of Paz Illuminations, adds an intriguing element with her enigmatic insights, puzzling statements, and supernatural candles.

The magical aura woven into the narrative amplifies the story’s appeal, with continuous references to the Jin family’s extraordinary powers that manifest in Felicity and her fortune cookies.

Readers will be delighted to find the book concludes with a recipe from Jin Bakery for fortune cookies, floral tips from Love Blooms, and candle embellishment from Paz Illuminations.

Much like the fortune cookies baked by Felicity, the story itself is light, sweet, and delectable. The ensemble of interesting characters adds a crispy texture to the narrative, and, true to the cozy mys-tery genre, a central mystery—the ill-fated fortune—keeps readers engaged from start to finish.


ILL-FATED FORTUNE by Jennifer J. Chow

Ellen Quint