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The Big Thrill Recommends: YOU KNOW HER by D. E. White

Recommendation By Dimitris Passas

Book Cover: YOU KNOW HERD.E. White is a pseudonym for Daisy White, author of the Amazon bestselling Ruby Baker Seaside Mysteries. Daisy has a rich vocational background: she has worked as a flight attendant, a 999-call handler for the ambulance service, and a healthcare assistant in Accident & Emergency, all of which provided her with precious experiences and realistic context for her chilling stories.

In White’s latest thriller, YOU KNOW HER, Joy Madison is an internet influencer and mother of three children. They live in a beautiful house, and everything in Joy’s life seems to be in perfect order. However, one morning she vanishes, leaving behind a final video in which she seems totally in control and certainly not afraid of anything.

Police informant Mattie Woods is a trainwreck—addicted to alcohol, prone to self-harm, and an easy target for predators to exploit her weaknesses. In her perpetually warped state of mind, she draws some gritty and terrifying recollections, suggesting she might have been involved in Joy’s disappearance. But are Mattie’s memories accurate? Was there something else, more sinister and deceptive, in play? What was Joy’s actual fate—is she alive or dead?

The story is mainly driven by the contrast between Joy and Mattie, a source of tension that generates a large part of the novel’s drama. YOU KNOW HER is a solid choice for fans of psychological thrillers with exciting, three-dimensional characters and a tightly woven plot.


YOU KNOW HER by D. E. White