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The Big Thrill Recommends: FAR OUT by Khaled Talib

Recommendation By Dimitris Passas

Book Cover: FAR OUT by Khaled Talib A former magazine journalist, Khaled Talib began writing thrillers in 2014, and since then, his works have earned the regard of the genre’s loyal readership. In his latest novel, FAR OUT, Talib mixes various tropes and techniques to weave an intense plotline that will hook you from the first pages.

Laden with a dark past, movie star Goldie Saint Helen crashes her car in a near-fatal accident. When she wakes up from her coma, she thinks she is Gypsy Star, a 1960s hippie detective assigned to the task of finding a girl who is persecuted by the CIA. Gypsy is the fictional character that Goldie was to portray in a prospective film production. Still, because of her dissociative amnesia, she is unable to discern the real from the fictional. The doctors ask her husband Dale to play along and let his wife believe she’s someone else while her lawyers investigate Goldie’s wealth and assets.

FAR OUT is an action-packed adventure/thriller interspersed with humorous bits and top-notch dialogue that requires the reader’s full attention to keep track of the plot’s rapid developments. Khaled Talib raises the bar and delivers his most entertaining novel yet.


FAR OUT by Khaled Talib