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The Big Thrill Recommends: THE ENGAGEMENT PARTY by Darby Kane

Recommendation by K.L. Romo

Book Cover: The Engagement Party In bestselling author Darby Kane’s newest contemporary thriller, THE ENGAGEMENT PARTY, four college friends reunite—against their better judgment—to celebrate the upcoming nuptials for their friend Will.

The remote location for the weekend event should have been a foreboding clue, but they go anyway. After all, Will is one of the weakest links in their chain of secrets, and his marriage to an outsider might just unravel their 12-year-old web of deceit. Just who is Ruthie, and why is she marrying Will after only knowing him for six weeks?

The group’s first danger warning comes when they hear a car’s engine running in the garage—what they find with it is terrifying. And the carnage only gets worse. This wasn’t part of Ruthie’s plan, and she soon learns that someone else has a much more intricate and terrifying strategy to unveil the truth. Will anyone crack and admit to killing Emily—one of their classmates—over ten years before during graduation weekend?

Six of them are now trapped on the island during a storm—with no cell reception and no way off until the tide recedes from the causeway. It sounds like they’re actors in a low-budget horror movie, but what they endure that weekend is anything but fiction.

Told in chapters alternating between the different characters and chapters entitled Book Notes with a third-person narrator, Kane creates several unreliable characters that keep readers guessing: who are the victims and who are the killers? For those who like twisty, turny, locked-room thrillers, this book is for you. And you’ll probably think twice before vacationing on a remote island with friends.


The Big Thrill Recommends: THE ENGAGEMENT PARTY by Darby Kane

K. L. Romo