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The Big Thrill Recommends: THE NIGHT SIDE by M.M. Deluca

Recommended by Tracey S. Phillips

Book Cover: The Night SideArcheologist Ruby Carlson moved to England to get away from her childhood haunt, the small town of Stoneybrook, Montana, and her controlling, manipulative mother, Ida. Now that Ida is presumed dead, Ruby must face a past she buried long ago and dig into the mystery surrounding Ida’s death.

And no one wants her here.

As the memories of 20 years ago bubble to the surface, Ruby recalls the psychic scams Ida used to strip her clients of every last penny. Employing teenaged Ruby and billing her as a seer with extra-sensory perception, Ida gained the trust of her neighbors and friends by helping them heal from psychic wounds. The townies loved her.

Ruby recalls her mother in a different light. Only her ex-boyfriend, Aiden Butler, shares knowledge of the truth. Ida used deception and emotional blackmail to scare Ruby into sitting in on seances and psychic readings. She swindled and then physically abused the men in her life in order to take control of their finances. Ruby was an unwilling participant when it came to scamming innocent people. But as a child, she had no one to turn to.

Aiden tells Ruby to go back to England. He says the dangerous secrets haunting Stonybrook will kill her. But Ruby is determined to excavate the bones of the past, hiding the truth. Ruby did see ghosts and demons during those seances, but she wasn’t a shyster like her mother. Now, she must convince the town that Ida wasn’t all she appeared to be. And she must do it before Ida returns from the dead.

M.M. Deluca’s latest paranormal thriller is a spine-tingling read that will haunt you long afterward.


The Big Thrill Recommends: THE NIGHT SIDE by M.M. Deluca