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The Big Thrill Recommends: THE NINJA’S OATH by Tori Eldridge

Book Cover: The Ninja's Oath by Tori EldridgeRecommended by K.L. Romo

Avenger of abused women and children Lily Wong is back in bestselling author Tori Eldridge’s newest thriller, THE NINJA’S OATH, the fourth book in the Lily Wong series. But this time, Lily travels from Hong Kong (where book 3 in the series ends) to Shanghai, then to Japan, where her modern ninja skills stretch to their limits.

Lily aids Chang Lee—her father’s long-time cook, who she’s just learned is a former Triad gang enforcer—in rescuing his 12-year-old niece kidnapped by a Shanghainese gang. But the mission snowballs when another of Chang’s relatives goes missing and the trail leads them to Japan. Lily is perplexed—but secretly relieved—when assassin J Tran follows her to help in their pursuit of Chang’s relatives. The kidnappers also lure her LA sensei to Japan. What Lily discovers about their past shocks her.

As is signature Tori Eldridge, THE NINJA’S OATH takes readers into the unique world of a modern ninja, this time combatting Triad gangs and fentanyl drug trafficking. We see Lily not only use her ninjutsu skills, but she’s also refined her talent by combining it with parkour, boxing, Wushu, and gymnastics to create a unique fighting technique. Lily also takes us into the underbelly of Shanghai, with descriptions of the bright-colored neon lights outlining modern buildings on the river to the crowded, narrow alleys separating crumbling buildings in the historic Former French Concession.

Eldridge bases Lily on her own Chinese and Norwegian heritage, her story on personal connections to Shanghai and Japan, and her fight scenes on her own journey as a fifth-degree black belt in To-Shin. Thrill seekers and fans of mixed martial arts will love the fight scenes—choreographed to perfection—while rooting for Lily in her pursuit of justice.


The Big Thrill Recommends: THE NINJA’S OATH by Tori Eldridge

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