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Grace’s junior year is turning into her best year yet. She’s set to make honor roll, her print from photography class might win a national contest, and her crush just asked her to prom.

Then the bottom falls out. News breaks that the investment fund her mom runs is a scam and her mother is a thief. Now, instead of friends, the FBI is at her door. Grace is damaged goods.

Millions of dollars are unaccounted for, and everyone wants to know where all the money went. Can she find it and clear her mother’s name?

The key to repairing her shattered life seems to lie in a place deep in the wilderness, and Grace sets out, her identity hidden, determined to find it.

But she isn’t alone.

Sam Rivers, a mysterious loner from school, is on her trail and wants to know exactly what secrets she uncovers. As the pair travels into the wilds, Grace realizes she must risk everything on the dark, twisted path to the truth.

Award-winning author Amy Fellner Dominy met up with The Big Thrill to discuss her latest thriller THE FALL OF GRACE:

What do you hope readers will take away from this book?

If you’ve ever been betrayed by someone you love…someone you thought loved you, it can shake your faith in the world. You want to understand. You want it to make sense and so you dwell on it. In THE FALL OF GRACE, the characters learn that when you live a betrayal over and over, you stop living at all.

How does this book make a contribution to the genre?

THE FALL OF GRACE weaves together a number of genres. It’s a mystery-thriller as well as an emotional coming-of-age for young adults. It’s also a survival story and a road-trip adventure. It doesn’t conform to any one genre but pulls from many to tell a unique story.

Was there anything new you discovered, or that surprised you, as you wrote this book?

As I started writing, I realized I would have to tell Grace’s story in two different time lines. The past had to intersect with the present so the reader could see why Grace was on the run–and what was at stake. I just had no idea it would be that hard to write! (Remind me never to try that again.) 🙂


Amy Fellner Dominy is the award-winning author of books for teens, tweens and toddlers. Novels include THE FALL OF GRACE, Die for You and A Matter of Heart. She also co-authors the picture book series Cookiesaurus Rex. Amy lives with her family in Phoenix, AZ.

Find her online on her website or follow @amydominy on Instagram.