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thriller-roundtable-logo5Are our stories about “saving the world” or can we work at a microcosm level with everyday routines and human exchanges? This week ITW Members Keith Dixon, Ginny Fite, Maynard Sims and Ray Dyson discuss. You won’t want to miss it!


naked-nymph-cover-1Ray Dyson first took up eating in Evansville, IN, just long enough ago that, not only is the house he was born in no longer there, neither is the street. He attended The Ohio State University School of Journalism and spent several years as a newspaperman, covering crime and sports. He is a former sports editor and sports columnist, and now lives in Mansfield, OH, with his wife, Pamela, where he works as a freelance journalist. He has a particular interest in American history (especially the Civil War), the American West, and the American cinema. Dyson is the author of three other books: a baseball story, Smokey Joe; a Western novel, Bannon: The Scavenger Breed, and his first Neil Brand crime story, set in Hollywood in 1931, The Ice Cream Blonde (Black Opal Books 2016).


no-good-deed-left-undone-front-coverGinny Fite is an award-winning journalist who has covered crime, politics, and all things human. She’s been a spokesperson for a governor, a Congresswoman, and a robotics R&D company. In addition to degrees from Rutgers and Johns Hopkins Universities, she studied at the School for Women Healers and the Maryland Poetry Therapy Institute, all of which finds its way into her dark mystery thrillers, Cromwell’s Folly and No Good Deed Left Undone, featuring Detective Sam Lagarde.


storeyTwo years ago Keith Dixon moved to France. This made researching his thrillers set in the UK more challenging. However, having been an advertising copywriter, an English professor and an organizational psychologist, he realises that challenges create character, so that’s the theory he relies on when writing his novels. And something must be working – his fourth Sam Dyke Investigation, The Bleak, won the Chanticleer CLUE Award for best Private Eye/Noir novel of 2014. His latest book, Storey, is the first in a new series.


Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000040_00005] Len Maynard & Mick Sims are the authors of twenty novels with many more scheduled, in the thriller genres of crime, supernatural and romance. These include the Jack Callum, Department 18 and Bahamas series. Ten story collections, numerous novellas, screenplays and edited works.