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Trading Salvos by Holly A. BellFinance professor Kate Adams is reeling. After her husband’s unexplained death, she runs away to the remote Alaskan wilderness to catch her breath, get back on her feet, and complete her research sabbatical in peace.

But even at the ends of the earth, Kate can’t shake one nagging question: What was her husband working on before he died?

As Kate continues her research into unusual financial phenomena across the globe, a picture slowly starts to emerge, and suddenly, her husband’s death doesn’t look so accidental.

Together, Kate and Brad, a former flame and CIA officer, dig deeper into the mystery, and a global-scale financial conspiracy comes into focus.

Even with Brad covertly watching her back, it doesn’t take long for Kate to be thrust into the middle of this high-stakes contest—and directly in harm’s way.

Kate will need all her wits to navigate this dangerous game. But the more she plays, the more she begins to realize something: even if she gets out of this alive, nothing in her life will ever be the same.

TRADING SALVOS is available from Amazon.


Holly A. Bell was born and raised in Beaver Dam, WI. She moved across several states during her 17 year career in business before settling in Alaska where she teaches business, finance, and economics at the University of Alaska Anchorage. In the financial world, her writings on algorithmic trading and regulation have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, American Banker, The Journal of Investing, and many notable academic publications. With degrees in economics, business, and American foreign policy Dr. Bell enjoys writing novels that reside at the intersection of these disciplines.

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