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Tiger Tiger by Joann MeadTiger Tiger: Underlying Crimes captures the exploding pace of today’s bioterror threats in her new international thriller Tiger Tiger: Underlying Crimes. The story begins in a Hong Kong hotel room where a beautiful, sexy bioterrorist and her mysterious lover manipulate each other, in more ways than one. Not for love. For Mei it is the money. For both it is the sex. And for Kahliy the nihilist, it is his burning desire to wreak revenge on America.

Mei manipulates microbes and men. Her Tiger Flu creation is more lethal than any bioweapon known to man. Nothing will stop those with evil intentions. And once the Tiger has escaped from her cage, there will be no way of capturing her.

Joann Mead’s second novel in the Underlying Crimes series, “Tiger Tiger”, is a cautionary tale. A sexy lab researcher and her bioterrorist lover plot a 9/11 style attack with their lab manipulated super-lethal ‘Tiger Flu’ targeted at America.

TIGER TIGER is available from Amazon and the author’s website.


“Tiger Tiger: Underlying Crimes proves a smooth and sultry hybrid of Michael Crichton and Tess Gerritsen. Joann Mead fills those big shoes in splendid fashion, crafting a bio-thriller complete with a femme fatale and feel of classic James Bond as envisioned by Ian Fleming. A wondrous mix of science and speculation, certain to both enthrall and entertain.” –Jon Land, USA Today bestselling author of Strong Light of Day


Joann Mead is a writer, teacher, and researcher. Her bio-thrillers are inspired by her published research on disasters and emerging threats. She brings her unique perspective from teaching science in four countries (United States, England, Russia and Zimbabwe), working in biotechnology and in medical research.

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