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The Woman Who Tasted Death by DG WoodOnce an orphaned child found wandering the Trans-Canada highway, Darkly Stewart is now a grown woman and undercover RCMP Constable with the uncanny ability to taste the traces of murder that linger in the air. It’s a sensation like touching her tongue to a battery. When the investigation into the murder of Darkly’s partner leads her to a gold rush era ghost town in the wilds of British Columbia, she uncovers the secrets of her own forgotten past. Wolf Woods is indeed a town destined for extinction, unless the residents that call it home can adopt recruits from the outside world…beginning with Darkly.

She is a fine-tuned instrument of justice investigating a world in which werewolfism is a sexually-transmitted disease.

She is Darkly Stewart: the woman who tasted death.

THE WOMAN WHO TASTED DEATH is available from Amazon.


“DG Wood has crafted an addictive heroine you can’t get enough of. Darkly Stewart lives in the shadows of our fears and haunts our senses.

She’s the most original character in years; an investigator who discovers her own past holds the key to the ultimate mystery.

Darkly shines a light on horror that we’ve never seen. Reader beware, you’ll never think about the woods the same way again.”
— Gary Grossman, Bestselling Author of the EXECUTIVE series and OLD EARTH.

“DG Wood has written a really strong, well-rounded FEMALE lead… which is brilliant. The novel took me on a journey I didn’t want to put down.

There’s enough intrigue for the well-read, and enough prediction for the DaVinci demon lovers out there. A happy mix to appeal to all.”
— Jamie Maclachlan, UK Actor of Film & Television.


The Author – DG WOOD

DG WOOD comes from the world of screenwriting. His very first pitch landed a network television development deal, and he has gone on to co-write a one-hour cop drama pilot with a production company in Los Angeles. As well, his UK-set thriller feature, THE PUB, is currently in production with Phantom Studios. In taking up his first novel, the author’s television instincts kicked in. He wrote the novel to both easy adaptation and longevity of sequels. A twelve-book series is planned.

DG Wood is a graduate of the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) and a voting member of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA). He lives with his wife, daughter, and little werewolf in California.