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Beat, Slay, LoveLike your barbeque and your sex extra spicy? Your murders saucy and done to a turn? Plunge into the fascinating and competitive world of food media culture. Beat, Slay, Love is a darkly comic send-up of serial killer excursions, food mysteries, Chick Lit — it finds the sweet spot between appetizers and dessert in a rollicking trip across America into the fascinating and competitive world of celebrity chefs.

“An incredibly sly mystery, it has everything you’d want when you bite into a dish: suspense, spice, and a new take on an old classic.”
– New York Times bestseller, Charlaine Harris

BEAT, SLAY, LOVE is available from Amazon, iTunes and Kobo.


Thalia Filbert was born in a one room lean-to in the Painted Desert and at various times was a Bingo manager on a Seminole reservation, a sommelierat an upscale taxi dance joint, an MMA underground fighter, and an asphalt highway repair inspector. Or she could be acclaimed veteran crime fiction writers Taffy Cannon, Kate Flora, Lise McClendon, Katy Munger and Gary Phillips.