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madonnaBy George Ebey

debut-authorAuthor Linda Lee Kane brings us thrills with a historical touch in her latest novel, THE BLACK MADONNA.

A group known as The Order has been watching college professor Luci de Foix for years, waiting for the day that a diary written in the fourteenth century would be delivered to her—a book that contains a key to a lost codex—and they would do anything to get it. Plagued by panic attacks, Luci struggles to overcome her fears, avenge her family, and search for the lost codex written by Thomas. But who can she trust? Everyone seems intent on betraying her, even the gorgeous, enigmatic Max, a man with secrets of his own.

The Big Thrill recently caught up with Linda to discuss her work on THE BLACK MADONNA.

Your novel includes aspects of religion and history. What interests you most about these subjects?

It sounds cliché but I believe by having a deep understanding of the past and that includes the daily impact religion had on people we can learn from it and grow as a society. If we fail to learn we are destined to repeat and obviously we keep making some of the same aspects. We don’t appreciate the differences that we have, we try as societies to make people conform to our own beliefs, it has never worked.

What is your favorite part of the research process?

I can go into other people’s minds, see what happened long ago. I am always surprised and try to use the past to make an exciting manuscript that others can learn from and also enjoy.

Are there any other historical periods that you would like to explore through your fiction?

The American Revolution. I am also researching the lost continent of Mu. I would like to learn more about John Dee and his relationship with Queen Mary I of England.

What advice would you give to new writers who are just starting out?

Don’t write for others, but what you enjoy and want to learn about. Write because you can’t think of anything you would rather be doing. Edit, reedit, and then edit again. Never give up.

What’s on the horizon for you next?

The American Revolution and the importance women played in it. Rarely do we hear about these remarkable women who gave so much to help win our independence. Plato believed there was a land called Atlantis others called it “Mu” I would like to learn more about this society and why if it exists, where is it and what were the people like, there intelligence, society. I would like to continue with my protagonist in The Black Madonna and her discovery of the decipher of the Voynich Papers.


Linda PhotoLinda Lee Kane has a Master’s in Education, School Psychology, PPS, a Learning Disability Specialist, and English Instructor. She has written Matty May’s Adventures in Numberland and soon to be released, Icelandia.

To learn more about Linda Lee Kane, please visit her website.



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