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The Assassin Lotus by David AngstenWhen his brother disappears with the seeds of an ancient lotus plant long thought to be extinct, Jack Duran, along with his brother’s archaeologist girlfriend, search for him along central Asia’s fabled Silk Road, a journey that leads them to the secret of soma and the source of the legend of Shangri-La.

“Angsten has invented a unique style of thriller writing that focuses on spiritual aspects of various cultures in each book, rather than relying on some sort of historical McGuffin that must be recovered by a fearless hero.”

“In David Angsten’s capable hands, his newest thriller, THE ASSASSIN LOTUS, engages us with taut action, vividly detailed exotic locations, and a spiritual awakening for hero, Jack Duran.”
~Debrah N.

“Angsten has done it again, delivering action and suspense via protagonist Jack Duran, a man passionately determined to lead an examined life, between dodging bullets and blades. It all makes for a rare combination of edification and entertainment, as history, geography and the hypocritical politics of religion send Jack on a contemporary quest along the ancient Silk Road, where he must find a courage beyond it all to live and to love.”
~R. Freirich

THE ASSASSIN LOTUS is available from Amazon.


DAVID ANGSTEN is the author of two previous novels, Dark Gold and Night of the Furies, published by Thomas Dunne Books/St. Martin’s Press. In his former life he traveled the world as a video and film director, wrote innumerable screenplays in Hollywood, and worked as a development executive for Atchity Entertainment International. He lives in West Hollywood.