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A Case of Love and Squalor by Steve Myers (1)Hardboiled detective novel.

A Case of Love and Squalor is for readers who love action, sex, and wise-cracking detectives. Joseph Andrews is a descendant of Chandler and Spillane. He’ll casually beat up a thug then easily discuss Anselm’s ontological proof with a sexy woman. But his luck isn’t always the best.

Someone is shooting dogs.

Private detective Joe Andrews finds himself escaping an angry husband by climbing out a window and running into the police who are after the dog-killer, then undergoes a vicious grilling by two corrupt detectives and is thrown into a foul cell in the city jail. But the next day he is suddenly freed. His benefactor is the rich and powerful Harold Forrest, who hires Andrews to seize some explicit pornographic videos of Forrest’s beautiful drug-addled granddaughter, Esme. When Andrews agrees, he is caught up in a rushing stream of events that involve a striking woman tormented by voices, the local gangster, and a vicious gang of kidnappers and drug-dealing pornographers who commit rape and murder without a qualm. Even as the clock ticks, and in spite of his best intentions, Andrews becomes involved with Esme.

Eventually the shocking reason for the dog shootings is revealed.

A CASE OF LOVE AND SQUALOR is available from Amazon and the author’s website.


This is my fourth novel and the third crime fiction. Previous novels are: “Nowhere, Nowhen,” “Garden of the Falling Moon,” “All in, All Out.” They are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and my website.