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NEW Conch Town Girl Cover PageBy Christine Goff

debut-authorIn preparation for writing his first novel, CONCH TOWN GIRL, Daniel J. Barrett’s read over 1,500 books, all in the last several years. Upon completion, Barrett’s debut work found a home at Black Opal Books, a boutique press founded in October 2010, dedicated to producing quality books with “stories that just have to be told.”

Barrett’s protagonist, Julie Chapman, grew up in Key Largo, a tenth-generation Conch. After the deaths of her parents, she is raised in the Florida Keys by her grandmother, Tillie. Then one night Tillie is involved in a car accident and ends up in a coma, leaving Julie and her best friend Joe to wonder if it really was an accident. As Julie and Joe start digging for the truth, they uncover some dark and desperate secrets that may not only stir up a great deal of trouble, but also cost them their lives.

“Developing characters from my imagination is very rewarding,” Barrett has said. “Having people discuss these individuals as if they are real people is very satisfying. I hope that you enjoy reading CONCH TOWN GIRL as much as I have enjoyed writing it.”

Enthusiastic readers won’t have to wait long for more in the Joe Trainer/Julie Chapman mystery series. Barrett has three more books planned for release over the next two years. My advice, pick up a copy of CONCH TOWN GIRL and be ready for the next book. This is a series to watch!


Daniel J. BarrettDaniel J. Barrett was born in Rutland, Vermont, and has lived his entire life in Troy, New York, ten miles north of Albany. He is a graduate of both Siena College in Loudonville, New York with a BS in Finance, and from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York, with an MBA in Management. Barrett has had a varied career with extensive international experience, traveling worldwide. He continues to work, as a grant-writing-and-education consultant, serving those most at risk in the Capital Region, and is now working on his next novel.

For more information on Barrett’s books, please visit his website and follow him on Facebook.


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