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Bone Pit by Bette Golden Lamb & J. J. LambAfter two attempts on her life, RN Gina Mazzio needs a break, needs to get away from San Francisco’s Ridgewood Hospital and all the depressing and deadly memories associated with it.

What better plan than to go with her fiancé, travel nurse Harry Lucke, on one of his assignments … an adventure in Northern Nevada’s gold country!

In this third outing for Gina (SIN & BONE and BONE DRY), her ever-present curiosity draws her and Harry into the midst of an illegal scheme to manipulate test results for an experimental drug to cure Alzheimer’s.
On the first day, driving up a long, isolated dirt road, they’re surrounded by ominous, identical, sentry-like boulders that cordon off the approach to their new workplace: Comstock Medical Auxiliary Campus.

When they finally arrive at the facility … and its empty parking lot … Gina’s eye starts one of its warning alert twitches—there are iron bars across all the second-story windows, and no windows at all on the first level.

BONE PIT is available from Amazon and Books In Motion.


Deftly plotted and artfully executed. Bone Pit is a compelling read that provides a shocking look at the world of contemporary medicine and Big Pharma. In Gina Mazzio and Harry Lucke, the Lambs have created a tenacious and engaging duo who are worth rooting for. We look forward to reading more abut this terrific couple. Highly recommended. – Sheldon Siegel, NYT best selling author of “Perfect Alibi.”

RN Gina Mazzio is back! So is her curiosity … so is her indomitable strength in the face of danger … so is her infinite compassion for her patients … and so is her stubborn determination to achieve justice. And so, too, is the stalwart rock and roll of her life, fiancé Harry Lucke. – The Wordsmith.

The Lambs have done it again! They grab you b the lapels and yank you into the book and you, blissfully, can’t get away until the last page! – Artist Polly K. Podolsky.


BETTE GOLDEN LAMB, a registered nurse, has developed parallel careers as a painter, sculptor, and ceramist. Her art works can be found in a number of galleries and private collections. J. J. LAMB is a career writer – journalism, short stories, and novels.

In addition to HEIR TODAY…, the LAMBS have co-authored five novels together, four of them as part of the RN Gina Mazzio medical thriller series. The fifth book, SISTERS IN SILENCE, is a stand-alone medical thriller. J. J.’s NO PAT HANDS was a 2014 Shamus nominee from Private Eye Writers of America.

The LAMBS live in Northern California and are members of International Thriller Writers, Mystery Writers of America, and Sisters in Crime.