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Spider's Kiss by Will Graham“Something nasty is happening in The Big Easy…..”

After the events of SPIDER’S OVERTURE, SPIDER’S TANGO and SPIDER’S DANCE, computer forensic consultant Nicholas White is living his own version of the Good Life in Houston: semi-retired, happily married, and perfectly content to never deal with cyber-crime again.

A visit from two former colleagues throws all that out the window. Horrendous crimes are being committed in New Orleans, dredging up memories for Nicholas better off left buried…. but when current evidence point to the local FBI office, Nicholas finds himself compelled to act.

Not knowing who to trust within the Bureau, Nicholas is teamed up with Lt. Merisault Duchane of the NOLA PD to quietly look into the matter, a woman with her own “unusual” reputation in the law enforcement world.

Together they uncover a crime of the most heinous nature. One that will take all their combined knowledge, wits, and teamwork in order to ever see another sunrise….

SPIDER’S KISS is available from Amazon.


“Will Graham” is the pseudonym of a professional investigator specializing in computer forensics and electronic evidence exclusively.

His musical tastes pretty much stopped with The Rat Pack, and he still reads Leslie Charteris, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Dame Agatha Christie, and Ellery Queen.

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