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Calculation by Steven P. MariniIs there a serial killer on the loose on Cape Cod?

Multiple, bizarre murders are taking place in Dennis, MA, Detective Jack Contino’s new town. But they all have different signatures. One looks like a MOB execution, another is a brutal knifing, yet another is the shooting of a businessman. The killer evens has his sights on Jack’s wife, Natalie. Somehow MOB boss Tommy Shea, Jack’s longtime nemesis, comes into the picture. He often does. What is his link to these events?

Jack can’t get rattled, but his nerves are getting frayed. He’s never had so much at stake in a case. He and his colleagues, including old pal Leo Barbado, get on the trail and must put the pieces of this puzzle together.

“…Mr. Marini has proved himself skilled at creating plots with a zinger twist or two, and this is no exception…This time the connect gets creative and unexpected, providing the book with a welcome, off-kilter difference that adds another dimension…”
The Barnstable Patriot.

CALCULATION is available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Gypsy Shadow.


Although he describes himself as a “card carrying New Englander,” Steve lived for twenty-six years in Maryland while pursuing a career spanning four federal agencies. His background has enabled him to serve as a project manager at the National Security Agency, the Environmental Protection Agency, the National Fire Academy and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, where he worked with teams of experts in various fields to develop state-of-the-art training for both classrooms and distance learning technologies.

A “Baby Boomer,” Steve took up fiction writing as he moved into his career final frontier. Married since 1975, a father of three and a grandfather, Steve and his wife Louise own a home on Cape Cod that will serve as his private writer’s colony for the years ahead.

His first novel, Connections, is being published by Gypsy Shadow Publishing, an ebook publisher from Texas. It is the first in a series featuring Detective Jack Contino, battling crime in New England in the 1970’s.

Steve holds a Master’s degree in Educational Technology from Boston University and a B.A. in Business Administration from New England College and spent over thirty years in the Education/Training field, including posts in higher education and the federal government. In 1999 he won a finalist Telly award, for writing , producing and co-hosting a training video on the Emergency Education Network (EENET), a cable network that serves firefighters and law enforcement emergency responders.

Steve was recently appointed to the Board of Directors for the Cape Cod Writers’ Center (CCWC).