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Late Bite by John MatsuiWhat happens when the world discovers a real vampire? Rather than staying hidden and being hunted down by the torch-bearing hordes, he becomes a media sensation, especially when it’s revealed he is the last of his species.

First, however, there is the small matter of attacks on nine people – all of whom have fang marks on their necks and a loss of two pints of blood. Dragul Mangorian is arrested and put on trial for attempted murder. In the  ‘vampire trial’, sensationally reported by media  around the globe, Mangorian’s lawyer Al Hamblyn gets his client acquitted.

Now free in a world where the Kardashians are famous for being famous, Mangorian becomes a global star as the host of TV’s #1 late night talk show, Late Bite. Each show captures viewers in the tens of millions.

Life for Mangorian and Hamblyn, now business partners, is perfect until police uncover a series of vicious murders with all the markings of a vampire. The stage is set for Mangorian, Hamblyn and a group of elite assassins to hunt down the real killer.

LATE BITE is available from Amazon and Smashwords.


John Matsui’s Late Bite is alternately tense and humourous – a fast fun ride for fans of dark fantasy fiction in the tradition of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.”
– Peter Edwards, author of Unrepentant, The Bandido Massacre and One Dead Indian

If you think you’ve seen all there is to see in court drama, murder thrillers and vampire lore, you will just have to read this book to be artfully stripped of your illusion.
– A.H. Richards, author of Kronos Duet

John Matsui’s Last Bite leaves readers with lots to chew on and savour – a  tightly written thrill ride filled with action, fascinating characters and clever wit.
– Mark Kearney is the co-author of The Great Canadian Trivia Book and eight other books


I’m being stalked by strange characters. One is a guy we suspect is a vampire but he’s not quite out of the closet (Late Bite). Another who denies he’s the reincarnation of Sherlock Holmes is a world class chef and sommelier because he has the world’s most sensitive sniffer. That gift also means he can smell murder. Okay, this is supposed to be about me but I’m a pretty dull read in comparison. For longer than I care to remember, I earned my keep as a daily newspaper journalist and persuaded Judy to marry me because I had a steady income. We raised two incredible daughters who have long since graduated from university and are pursuing careers. All that time in newspapers I was definitely more Clark Kent than Superman other than the occasional flight of imagination. Now those practiced fingers are now tapping out thriller stories and, surprise! people seem to like them. I am a big fan of the Frederick Forsyth plot twist, a tremendous admirer of Lee Child’s action scenes, and fervently jealous of the whacky characters created by Dean Koontz in his Odd Thomas series. I hope my readers see elements of these writers in what I’ve written – pulse pounding action, gut wrenching plot twists, and whacky, humorous characters with a supernatural flavouring. Oh yes, Judy and I live in London Ontario with our old dog Sasha. Now that’s personal.