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Avita Doesn't Love You by Thomas HauckAgainst impossible odds, a young woman embarks on a dangerous journey to uncover the murderer of her father. Her path collides with agent Kevin Lone, who is on a mission to infiltrate a deadly North Korean spy ring that seeks nothing less than the destruction of the government of the United States. The fast-moving plot is complicated by a mysterious activist who has threatened to set off a bomb in Washington, D.C. The suspense builds to a shattering climax when Lone must confront the mysterious Avita and her deadly accomplices. Inspired by true events, this upmarket commercial thriller expertly mixes multiple voices, suspense, deception, and murder in a fast-paced format.

AVITA DOESN’T LOVE YOU is available from Whiskey Creek Press.


Thomas Hauck is a professional writer and book editor living in Gloucester, Massachusetts. His first novel, Pistonhead, tells the gritty story of a guitar player in a rock band who faces a life crisis. Lucas Manson, his second novel, is a literary horror thriller that pits agent Mark Dylan against a charismatic evangelist who is the leader of a bloodthirsty hominid species.

His third novel, Avita Doesn’t Love You (Whiskey Creek Press, October 2014), is an international thriller that traces the moral and physical challenges faced by agent Kevin Lone as he battles an implacable global enemy.

Thomas’s short stories have been published in The Armchair Aesthete, The Bitter Oleander, Over My Dead Body!, and The MacGuffin. His collection of short stories and poems, Public Image: Stories and Poems, was published in 2009.

Thomas is the editor of Renaissance Magazine, America’s leading national magazine devoted to contemporary renaissance faires and culture.

Thomas lives with his wife Kim Smith, a published garden book author, photographer, and documentary filmmaker. Thomas and Kim have two children.

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