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august_web_past_issuesRead the stories that were featured in the August edition of The Big Thrill.

29 brand new thrillers from ITW Members, including debut novels from Ted OswaldM.P. Cooley, Stacy Childs and David Niall Wilson, plus a Between The Lines Interview with Linwood Barclay by A.J. Colucci and the Africa Scene with Andrew Brown. We also have a can’t-miss Special to the Big Thrill: ThrillerFest IX recap by Kimberley Howe and Anthony J. Franze!

vertbooks_augustHot Off The Press:

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Coming Next Month

The latest thrillers from Kathy Reichs, Todd Moss, Leigh Perry, Adrian McKinty, Michael McBride, Nicholas Kaufmann, Mary Kennedy, Donna Galanti, Matt Cook, Robin Perini, Karen Harper, Catherine Coulter and J.T. Ellison, Shiloh Walker, Weyman Jones, Arlene Kay, Reed Farrel Coleman, Phyllis Smallman, Annette Dashofy, Carrie Stuart Parks, David Swatling, Richard Helms, Barry Lancet, Mark Pryor, L.J. Sellers, Marcus Sakey, Ovidia Yu, Jon McGoran, Kira Peikoff, Steph Cha, Kay Thomas and many more!

New E-Releases from ITW Members

New Audio Books from ITW Members

2014 Thriller Award Winners

ITW congratulates the winners of the 2014 Thriller Awards and Best First Sentence contest announced at ThrillerFest IX.

2014 Thriller Award Winners:

2014 award color


(Simon & Schuster)



Jennifer McMahon – THE ONE I LEFT BEHIND

(William Morrow Paperbacks)



2014 Best First Sentence Contest Winners:

Steven James

Winner: Judith O’Reilly

“Wylde knew it was too early, but when the girl started screaming, he went in anyway.”


Bill Bernhardt  

Winner: Katalin Burness

“Death couldn’t part us soon enough.”



The Thriller Roundtable

Whether you’re a fan or an author, you’ll want to join the Thriller Roundtable discussions at TheBigThrill website, where each week a new group of authors discuss everything from what they love about writing thrillers, to what they’ve learned, and more.

Here’s what’s in store for August!

August 4 – 10: Are author blurbs over the top? Are they as effective today as they used to be?
August 11 – 17: Do you have a favorite, lesser known source for international news?
August 18 – 24: Do day jobs get in the way of writing thrillers – and when do they help?
August 25 – 31: Does dialogue in thrillers have some specific requirements?

The Neverending Book Giveaway

The Neverending Book GiveawayIf you’re a thriller fan who likes to win free books, be sure to check out the Neverending Book Giveaway on The Big Thrill website. Sign up for as many of the contests as you like! Just post a reply, and you’re entered!

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Monthly Giveaway

Congratulations to Pam Barrett, the winner of this month’s BIG THRILL giveaway. Pam will receive an assortment of signed thrillers including Sand and Fire by Tom Young, Black Current by Karen Keskinen, Blessed Are The Dead by Kristi Belcamino, A Grave Matter by Anna Lee Huber, Cornered by Alan Brenham, Maple Mayhem by Jessie Crockett and Be Careful What You Witch For by Dawn Eastman.

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