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Headcase by Marc RosenbergHeadcase is a fast-paced crime novel that follows the journey of a fallen cop’s bloody manhunt for a vicious serial killer.

“Headcase,” tells the story of Detective Ash Aiken, a burned out cop, one of the city’s finest, who is reinstated to lead the hunt for a psychopathic killer.

Burdened with a dishonest partner and the memory of his family walking out on him, Detective Aiken looks to balance his life and search for answers with the help of a private investigator, who is targeted for death by a vengeful crime boss.

As the killer continues his deadly rampage, he falls under the spell of a reserved young woman. Tormented by her own bitter past, she is determined to build a new life, regardless of any collateral damage.

The book is based on author Marc Rosenberg’s observation of various people he’s met through his industry and personal life. Though a work of fiction, the book deals with everyday people who encounter extremely stressful situations and how they respond to them.

HEADCASE is available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and iTunes.


Author Marc Rosenberg is Executive Producer of Lost Highway Films. He has spent three decades in the film industry producing TV commercials, corporate films, music videos, network pilots, promos and infomercials. His experience has earned him a multitude of awards. Headcase is his first self published crime novel.