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The Last Spy by Bob ReissIn this Washinghton Post best-seller, who would guess that that Ash, David or Corinna are different than any of Washington’s other successful citizens. Ash, a prizewinning reporter for the Washington Post, is as famous as the people whose secrets he turns into headlines. David, a former Undersecretary of State, has friends in high places. His lover Corinna is a Justice Department lawyer so beautiful that her legal adversaries sometimes overlook her brilliance in the courtroom.

Who could know that these three movers and shakers began their lives not on American soil, but far behind Soviet borders, in an ingeniously designed mockup of an American town.  Bred to be spies, they’ve moved for 15 years in Washington, honing their parts, never arousing suspicion.

Now, thousands of miles away, the game changes. The USSR is collapsing as the cold war ends. And these spies are turned against each other in a new kind of danger. Who is in control back home. Why have their assignments become so peculiar? Most of all, who are they anyway after so many years playing roles?

Bought outright by Paramount pictures.

 If you like cold war era thrillers, or if enjoy the hit the TV show “The Americans”, this book is for you.

THE LAST SPY is available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and eBooks.


“Sparkling and fast paced…a thoroughly engaging thriller.” Washington Post

“Powerfully evokes the espionage agent’s mind-set of distrust, it piles the insecurity created by the Soviet coup onto the already treacherous state of being a spy within a system of spying.” NY Times

“A compelling story of treachery and deception.” Newsday

“Crackerjack spy yarn” Kirkus Reviews

“This well wrought tale perfectly captures the undercover agent’s sense of paranoia, the inability to trust anyone of anything and the consequences of that terrible loneliness.”

“Clever, literate and even believable.” London Sunday Telegraph


Bob Reiss is the best selling author of 20 books. He divides his time between New York City and western Massachusetts. His fiction is often based on his experiences as a journalist covering stories in Washington, Africa, the Arctic and South America. He has appeared on Morning Joe, Today Show, Good Morning America, Charlie Rose, Nightline, Al Jazeera, CNN and Dan Rather Reports. His next novel, “White Plague” , under the name of James Abel, will be out in 2015.

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