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Two by Karl AlexanderA struggling young screenwriter gets a contract to write a novel about teen¬age twins time-traveling to Edwardian England. He interviews and bases his characters on Emerson and Parker Leigh, sixteen-year-old wonder girls with boy, school and life problems all their own.

Aside from romance and social power plays, they take over the writer’s book first as characters, then as writers, the events in the past influencing their lives and vice versa.

In the past, the twins survive love, time travel and solve Emerson’s “mur¬der.” In the pre¬sent—despite being kidnapping suspects—they prevent their own murder, find love for themselves and the writer.

“A really really funny book. I quite enjoyed it. Loved some of the characters.”  — Macarena Yannelli

TWO is available from Amazon.


Karl Alexander is an award-winning novelist and screenwriter.  He has published seven novels.  Two have been made into films, including the classic, “Time After Time.”  His most recent book, “Time-Crossed Lovers,” was an Award Winning Finalist in the 2013 International Book Awards.”  He lives near his home¬town, “Los Angeles.”

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