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Frozen Sky 2 Betrayed by Jeff CarlsonSUNFISH VS HUMAN

A quake in the ice nearly kills Alexis Vonderach, setting off new confrontations with the blind alien tribes of Europa. In the weeks since First Contact, her crew has learned their bizarre language… but the sunfish are as violent as their world…  “Betrayed” is a 200 page sequel to “The Frozen Sky” by the international bestselling author of “Plague Year.”

Bonus material includes:
* ESA maps and schematics.
* Future history of the year 2113.
* The original short story of “Interrupt.”

“Pulse pounding.”
–Publishers Weekly

“Highly recommended.”
–Seanan McGuire

“A first-rate adventure.”
–Allen Steele

FROZEN SKY 2: BETRAYED is available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo.


JEFF CARLSON is the international bestselling author of “Plague Year,” “Interrupt” and “The Frozen Sky.”  To date, his work has been translated into sixteen languages worldwide.

Readers can find free fiction, videos, contest and more on his website at