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The Reginald Pantry by K.G. McAbeeIt’s the middle of the zombie apocalypse, and a dying man sends a policeman to help his family. Will the policeman escape the horde of ravening seethers and make it out of town? Does the drunk he stumbles across really know a secret way out of town? Does the mom find help for her oddly cold and unresponsive child? And what about the two girls left alone, with only a small dog for protection? Life’s a bitch, and then you’re a zombie.

THE REGINALD PANTRY is available from Amazon.


Four Stars!  I knew this story would be fascinating on the very first page. Prepare yourself for thrills and chills when you begin this tale. When the world begins to die, things such as rules and honor cease to exist. ~ Huntress Book Reviews.


K.G. McAbee has had several books and over a hundred short stories published, some in collaboration with J.A. Johnson, including THE REGINALD PANTRY, TALES FROM OMEGA STATION and more. She’s a member of ITW and Horror Writers Association. Visit her blog at for more information.

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