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cover turnleftatparadiseWhy would a man, after a massive heart attack, check himself out of the ICU just hours before he was due to be released, and then take off three thousand miles to the city of his birth – without telling his family why? San Francisco Homicide cop Max Kelly chases after his father. Bobbie Kelly hasn’t been back to his hometown for thirty-eight years. After generations of silence, what terrible family secrets will be revealed? Can a father and son find reconciliation after years of distrust and anger? Bobbie and Max have stirred up other troubles, too. After thirty-eight years a cop killer is stepping out of the shadows. Oh, the murders never stopped and truly monstrous crimes have been concealed for years. Now Max and Bobbie are in a killer’s crosshairs. A family saga by the author of COCAINE AND BLUE EYES, MURDER IN WAIKIKI, and TOUGH TOWN COLD CITY.

TURN LEFT AT PARADISE is available from Amazon.


My name is Fred Zackel and I am a writer of fiction and non-fiction. Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, I spent many years in California. I was discovered by the award winning novelist Ross Macdonald at the Santa Barbara Writers Conference in 1975. He became my mentor and urged me to write “something serious, like detective fiction.” Like my mentor, I earned a Ph.D. in English. I currently teach American Literature at Bowling Green State University in Ohio. I published my first novel, COCAINE AND BLUE EYES, in 1978 and it was followed by CINDERELLA AFTER MIDNIGHT.  Both novels feature my San Francisco private detective, Michael Brennen. In 1983 the TV movie COCAINE AND BLUE EYES was aired on NBC. Since then I am actively writing in other genres besides the mystery and detective, and I have a variety of novels, novellas and short stories available at Amazon.

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