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TouchOfTheWolf500 (3)Family.

Abandon as a child, Winter Barstow is a woman without a family history and few clues to lead her in the right direction. When a stolen artifact from the Olympic National Forest arrives at her door, Winter travels to the remote outpost in Washington in search of who sent it to her and why. Instead of answers, she finds the handsome, yet moody Forest Ranger Jay Raven hiding from his heritage.


Jay’s attraction to Winter is instantaneous, and powerful. To admit it, however, means Jay must recognize a culture he’s left behind—something he’s not willing to do. But when Winter discovers the body of her college mentor, her life is in danger and only the call of the wolf can lead Jay to her side and back to his Native American ways.

And a love strong enough to offer both.
Having just embraced his family, Jay is now faced with a difficult decision: turn his brother in for the theft of ancient tribal artifacts, or protect him. Worse yet is protecting Winter as her continued search for the thieves leads a target for killers. Now Winter and Jay must embrace their heritage and the spirit of the wolf to save Winter’s life, as well as the love that has brought them home.

TOUCH OF THE WOLF is available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


“A wonderful, beautifully written story”

“A Great Native American Suspense Read”

“A satisfying read”

“Interesting read on a Native American Tribe”


Vella Munn writes fiction (mostly romance) for a living and to satisfy the voices in her head. (They are an insistent and ever-changing bunch)

She’s had more than 50 books published and will keep on pounding a keyboard until her fingers fall off. She loves living in the boondocks, her family, and gardening. Hates shopping and dusting.