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imageOn the tenth anniversary of 9-11 a sleeper cell of terrorists plan to attack LA. The only ones able to stop them are a group of ex military and some wounded war veterans. They are a ragtag group led by a man who goes by the nick name Blade because he wears sharpened leg prosthesis. The action is nonstop building from a foiled armed car robbery to an apocalyptic ending.

“End Game is one of those books that starts out loud and fast, bullets are flying, people are dying- and all within the first fifty pages. Ridgway has once more combined page turning action with compelling characters and great plotting.
End Game is rip-roaring action from page one. The reader is given nary a moment to catch their breath. There is plenty of tension resulting in a book that’s hard to stop reading.”

END GAME is available from Amazon.


Reggie Ridgway grew up in Texas but now lives in Southern California. He has written three thriller novels and one short story compilation. He spent forty years working in the medical field but now spends his time between writing and acting in films, television and commercials as an extra.