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SearchPaul Turner was the greatest mathematician of his generation.

But he was also severely autistic. For 20 years, he hardly left his basement flat in Cambridge.

So why has he left £20 million pounds in his will to Luke Turner, a much younger half-brother he never even met?

Luke Turner is determined to search for the answer.

His half-brother supposedly died of a heart attack.

So why was the body cremated against his wishes?

Where did the money come from?

And why had Paul started making mysterious trips to London in the days before he died – despite his fear of crowds and big cities.

As Luke starts to investigate his half-brother’s life – and death – his every move is being watched.

Can Luke find out what Paul discovered in the days before he died? Or is about to be destroyed by the same terrifying forces that took Paul’s life.

The ‘Search’ has begun…and for Luke Tuner there will be no hiding place.

‘Search’ is a terrifying plausible thriller of big business and big data.

It is perfect for fans of Michael Crichton, Robert Harris and John Grisham.

SEARCH is available from Amazon.


‘A near-perfect thriller…he wraps a big idea inside an all action plot’ – Sunday Express.

‘A rattling yarn in the best traditions of the classic thriller.’ – The Times.

‘Brilliant, realistic and riveting; blistering front-line action’ (Chris Ryan)


Matt Lynn is a journalist and thriller writer.