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LastVampsCoverThe only two vampires left after the eradication are side show attractions in a traveling carnival, caged and forced to perform for paying gawkers. The carnival’s bombastic owner learns that his exploitation of both the vampires and his 15-year-old nephew, who is in charge of their care and feeding, can have undreamed-of and most unwelcome consequences.

THE LAST VAMPIRES ON EARTH is available from BTS eMag, page 93.


For “The Pentacle Pendant”:
“There are twists and turns in the final pages that promise to lift Claire Delaney beyond the ‘domestic’ and into the ‘global’.  Highly recommended. Some moments of R-rated sex and violence (but what else would you expect in a werewolf story?)” — Dr. Michael R. Collings, active HWA member and literary critic.

The Pentacle Pendant is a howling good read.”  –  Dave Gammon,

For “Morgen”:
Morgen is a dark tale with an even darker twist. I quickly forgot the synopsis and found myself on the roller coaster of mystery that overshadowed the young woman. — Cassie McCown, Gathering Leaves


Stephen M. DeBock is the author of “The Pentacle Pendant” (a print novel in which a present-day werewolf becomes a one-woman star chamber) and six e-publications, among them “Morgen,” nominated for best short story/horror in the 2011 Preditors and Editors Online Reader Poll. His writing has been published in American Heritage, Spider, and Living Aboard magazine and AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association) Online. Visit his author pages at JournalStone, Gypsy Shadow Publishing, and the Amazon and B&N Websites.