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Pawprints of Katrina by Cathy ScottIn the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, many animals had to fend for themselves because their owners lost them or were unable to care for them. In Pawprints of Katrina: Pets Saved and Lessons Learned, Cathy Scott documents her experience working with the Best Friends Animal Society triage center to rescue lost animals and reunite them with their owners. Over 200 stories describe dramatic and challenging rescue cases with details about the rescues, the examinations, treatment, and follow-up care by the selfless volunteers who worked to save beloved best friends.

PAWPRINTS OF KATRINA is available from Amazon and Audible.


The Times-Picayune: “Scott ends her tale of this ‘remarkable collaborative effort’ on a note of hope: Katrina raised awareness about how important it is to incorporate caring for animals in disaster planning, and she offers helpful suggestions for pet disaster preparedness.”

Open Letters: A Monthly Arts and Literature Review: “…this will certainly be the definitive account of Katrina animal rescue.”

Canada Free Press: “Pawprints of Katrina tells the inspiring story of the fate of the abandoned pets, some ending in tragedy, many in against-all-odds happy endings.”[4]

Book Hound: “An experienced rescuer herself, Scott conducted amphibious reporting on the ground and in boats, so her book makes you feel like a firsthand witness to history, as animals are saved and the lucky ones get to be reunited with their people.”


Cathy Scott is a veteran crime writer and award-winning investigative journalist. She is the author of several true crime works, including The Killing of Tupac Shakur, a Los Angeles Times bestseller, and The Murder of Biggie Smalls. She lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. She taught journalism at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas for five years until she traveled to the Gulf region for a magazine in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, resulting in the book Pawprints of Katrina. Her work has appeared in The New York Times Magazine, New York Post, San Diego Union-Tribune, George magazine, The Christian Science Monitor, Los Angeles Times, Las Vegas Sun and Reuters. She is based in Las Vegas and San Diego.