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danger at every turnWhen retired FBI forensic psychologist Spencer Berry and his dog break up a scuffle between gang members, in the process of chasing one with a gun, they end up discovering the nude remains of a young woman partially submerged in a creek behind the home of police spokeswoman Deidre Lawrence.

The deceased appears to be the victim of the Park Killer, a serial murderer terrorizing Sinclair Heights, Oregon over the past three years. Divorced and haunted by the death of his twin brother, Wesley, Spencer had been content to play the field, spend time with his daughter, Charity, and teach psychology at the local university. But an instant attraction to Deidre changes all that as their troubled pasts give way to chemistry and pent up passions.

Deidre had been plagued by nightmares ever since her husband, Marshall, and son, Adam, were killed by a carjacker three years ago She recently moved to Sinclair Heights from Houston in hopes of a making a new life for herself. In spite of initial reservations, Deidre finds herself drawn to Spencer Berry as someone she could have a real future with, assuming they can get past disturbing events that threatened to come between them.

Interfering with their burgeoning romance is a stalker and serial killer, each with a different sinister agenda, putting both Deidre and Spencer’s life in danger.

DANGER AT EVERY TURN is available from Audible, Audible UK and Amazon.


“BEFORE HE KILLS AGAIN is a rocket of a read. Not only a heart-thumping thriller, this is that rare novel that is downright scary. Pick it up at your peril, because you won’t put it down until you’ve read the last word.” – John Lutz, Edgar winner and bestselling author of Twist

“A masterful thriller set in the dark underbelly of Maui, with lots of fine action, down and dirty characters, and the vivid details of police procedure one would expect from an author who is also a top criminologist. A terrific read!” — Douglas Preston, co-creator of the bestselling Pendergast series of novels on MURDER IN MAUI.

“An exquisitely rich and masterfully constructed mystery…. A savvy, smooth, and sumptuous read that’s as hot as Waikiki beach sand.” –Jon Land, bestselling author of Strong Vengeance on MURDER IN HONOLULU

“It gets no better than this! R. Barri Flowers has written another thriller guaranteed to hold onto its readers! –Huntress Reviews on DARK STREETS OF WHITECHAPEL

“A gripping and tightly woven tale you won’t want to put down. Author Flowers neatly contrasts the natural beauty of a tropical paradise with the ugliness of murder and its aftermath. ” — John Lutz, Edgar Winner and bestselling author of Pulse on MURDER IN MAUI

“R. Barri Flowers writes with the passion and knowledge of someone who truly knows his craft. A steamy, non-stop thrill-ride through the seamy underbelly of Hawaii.” — Allison Leotta, former federal prosecutor and author of Discretion on MURDER IN MAUI

“Flowers once again has written a page-turner legal thriller that begins with a bang and rapidly moves along to its final page.” — Midwest Book Review on STATE’S EVIDENCE

“A model of crime fiction …. Flowers may be a new voice in modern mystery writing, but he is already one of its best voices.”–Statesman Journal on JUSTICE SERVED

“An excellent look at the jurisprudence system…will appeal to fans of John Grisham and Linda Fairstein.” – Harriet Klausner on PERSUASIVE VIDENCE


Devon Vaughn Archer is the bestselling author of more than twenty novels, including romantic thrillers, romance, and young adult fiction.

The author’s thrillers include THE HITMAN’S WOMAN and THE SECRETS OF PARADISE BAY.



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