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Dead Catch by L D KnorrBy Cathy Clamp

When homicide detective Hank Moran retired, he and his wife Helen purchased a motor home, planning to spend a few months touring the country.  But mysteries, and murder, seem to follow them as they travel. In DEAD CATCH, the third book of the RV Mystery series, a seemingly innocent trip to take their grandson on a weekend fishing trip catches a lot more than fish. THE BIG THRILL sat down with author L.D. Knorr to talk about this new cozy mystery.

Tell us a little about the world where Hank and Helen live in and how they got involved in the amateur sleuth business after years of Hank being a detective.

Hank retired as a robbery/homicide detective from Kenner, Louisiana, and he and his wife Helen purchased a motor home to travel and see the country. During their travels they become involved in a few murder investigations. After spending thirty years as a detective the life was hard to give up for Hank, so in the third book of the series he decided to acquire his private investigator license. After aiding Hank in his most recent investigation, Helen decided to apply for her apprentice license in Hanks P.I. agency. In future releases they will be husband and wife investigative partners.

Do you have a set number of books you’re planning in the series?

I have set no limits as to the number of books in the series. Hopefully as my writing skills increase the quality of future releases will also.

For people who might be interested in picking up this book as their first in the series, does it stand alone, or should people read the books in order?

To follow the development of the characters and their adventures, I recommend that the books be read in order. Book 1 is THE LEVITICUS MISSION. Book 2 is THE REST AREA MURDER.

What’s the most interesting thing you discovered while researching for this book, whether or not it made it onto the page?

The most interesting thing I discovered while researching for this latest book was the history of John James Audubon’s discovery and painting of the Washington Eagle. The bird is not recognized by the ornithological hierarchy, and many thought Audubon was mistaken about the bird’s identity. However a giant brown eagle is occasionally seen to this day in the wilds of central Pennsylvania. The Washington Eagle has a small role in the beginning chapters of the book.

For fans of the series, what can they expect next in the world, in future books?

Hank and Helen will have their next adventure solving a murder that takes place inside a large RV park. Ideas for the book are still evolving.

Will you be touring for the release or have scheduled signings or attending conventions? If not, where readers can get an autographed copy?

I will have copies available to autograph by mail. Readers can contact me by information on my L.d. Knorr Facebook page.

L D KnorrWhere else can readers find you online?

In addition to my Facebook page, I enjoy interacting with fans on my Amazon authors page:

Thanks so much for dropping by THE BIG THRILL. Good luck on the release. It sounds great!

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