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Some secrets belong to the past. Others refuse to stay there . . .

In 1959, in an underground laboratory in a remote region of West Virginia, a secret government experiment went terribly awry. In desperation, President Eisenhower ordered the lab sealed shut and all records of its existence destroyed. Now, fifty-four years later, something from the lab has emerged.

When mysterious events begin occurring along the New River Valley in West Virginia, government agents Mike Califano and Ana Thorne are sent to investigate. What they discover will shake the foundations of science and religion and put both agents in the crosshairs of a deadly, worldwide conspiracy. A powerful and mysterious force has been unleashed, and it’s about to fall into the wrong hands. To prevent a global catastrophe, Califano and Thorne must work together to solve a biblical mystery that has confounded scholars for centuries. And they must do so quickly, before time runs out . . . forever.


“THE JOSHUA STONE is an epic thriller – vivid, fast moving, and beautifully imagined. From the opening chapters to the final twist, it pulls the reader along at high speed, combining science, high technology, and ancient Biblical mystery into a fascinating and brilliantly original story. I highly recommend it!”
–Douglas Preston, #1 NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author of IMPACT and BLASPHEMY

“I can’t wait for more from James Barney.”
–Steve Berry, NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author of THE JEFFERSON KEY and THE TEMPLAR LEGACY


James BarneyJames Barney is the critically acclaimed author of The Genesis Key, a 2012 Thriller Award finalist. He lives outside Washington, D.C., with his wife and two children.

To learn more about James, please visit his website.



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