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‘Deanna, vote for the legislation or die.’

So begins Deanna Layne’s nightmare. Pregnant with twins, she needs to survive a killer in an environment sated with unusual alliances, lethal relationships, and solutions.

Police and Mitchell Pappas come together again to try to save Deanna in a devious and perplexing revenge thriller filled with love and hate that also turns Mitchell into a primary target to force him to search for answers among twins and shadows to save Deanna…and himself.

Gus Leodas writes about strong women, good or evil. He is a member of ITW, Mystery Writers of America and Directors Guild of America and is a 5-time Amazon bestseller author. He also wrote The Letter From Magda, A Sorority of Angels, Huntress, Unsafe Harbor and The Forgotten Mission – a WWII cold-case mystery. His background includes a creative advertising service and a film production company in New York City (owner).

THE DEVIL WALKS BESIDE HER is available from Amazon.